The following documents are available from this site on request:
  • George Hibbert, The Slave-Trade Indispensable: In answer to the speech of William Wilberforce, Esq. 13th of May, 1789.
  • This speech was delivered in The London Tavern one week after Wilberforce’s speech in the House of Commons. It rebuts every point made by Wilberforce.
  • George Hibbert, Abstract of Evidence to Parliament Concerning the West India Trade 1790
  • Very technical evidence with economic statistics outlining the value of the West India Trade to the British economy.
  • Extracts from Headquarters House, Kingston, Jamaica 1755-1990
  • Documents relating to the founding of the London Institution, from 1807
  • George Hibbert, The Substance of Three Speeches in Parliament on the Bill for the Abolition of the Slave Trade, and on the Petition Respecting the State of the West India Trade in February & March 1807
  • These speeches outline the beliefs of the pro-slaving lobby in parliament.
  • Thomas Clarkson, Three Letters … To the Planters and Slave Merchants, Principally on the subject of Compensation …, 1807
  • At a General Court of Proprietors of the West-India Dock Company, held at their house in Billiter Square, on Friday the 5th January, 1810, George Hibbert, Esq. in the Chair;
  • Contains all the economic statistics concerning the West India Trade before and after the opening of the West India Docks.
  • Correspondence between George Hibbert, Esq., and the Rev. T. Cooper, relative to the condition of The Negro Slaves in Jamaica, extracted from the Morning Chronicle: also A Libel on the character of Mr. and Mrs. Cooper, published in 1823, in several Jamaica Journals; with notes and remarks by Thomas Cooper
  • A letter to Robert Hibbert in reply to his pamphlet “Facts verified upon oath, in contradiction of the report of … Thomas Cooper, concerning the condition of slaves in Jamaica, 1824
  • Facts, Illustrative of the condition of the Negro Slaves in Jamaica: with notes and an appendix by Thomas Cooper, 1824
  • A Sketch of the life and Character of George Hibbert by J.H. Markland 1837
  • This document published after his death was the first attempt to sanitise the Hibbert families involvement in the slave trade. Widely quoted but somewhat inaccurate.
  • George Hibbert, of Clapham—18th Century Merchant and ‘Amateur’ Horticulturalist, by Kenneth J. Cozens.
  • Extracts from The Hibbert Trust, A History by Alan R Ruston
  • Extracts from The Book of the Hibbert Trust, by Jerom Murch
  • Contains a memoir of Robert Hibbert, Esq. founder of the Hibbert Trust
  • Minutes and documents relating to the founding of the West India Docks.
Other relevant Bibliography:
  • Observations on the Establishment of the Bank of England, and on The Paper Circulation of the Country. By Sir Francis Baring, Bart.